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The blockchain for IoT and supply chain

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Designed for IoT

Digital identities are given to devices, with all data about their condition and movement securely bundled and automatically relayed to your blockchain.

Secure and sustainable

With over 600 nodes, our network is decentralized and incredibly stable, utilizing Proof of Authority (PoA) block validation.


Ambrosus interconnects and enables existing and new business models. Easily integrate your ERP or CRM system with our network while remaining the owner of your private and public data.

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Connecting the physical and digital economy

Retailers and consumers have never been further removed from the process of production, while concerns over authenticity and ethical sourcing of goods are at an all-time high.

Ambrosus bridges this gap, bringing together IoT, blockchain, and decentralized applications to track, record, and monitor real-world goods, and store, organize and transact data in a secure, trusted, and efficient way.

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Networkable and automatable devices bring security and proof of data, making it the source of truth for information that can be properly tracked and utilized.


Secure data storage

Decentralized, immutable, and interoperable data allows for easy authentication and sharing, with automated smart contracts reducing manual input. Zero-knowledge proof is used to authenticate users while maintaining strict privacy.


Supply chain traceability

One network to track any product from origin to retailer, with geo-location tracking, product authentication, and quality and condition control, through data that cannot be manipulated.


Proof of origin

Up-to-date shipment reports and other trade documents bring reliable manufacturer and logistics information. Proof of compliance is maintained through automated reporting on a decentralized and transparent network.

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Act as an AMBassador, helping to promote and expand Ambrosus even further, or become a validator, verifying transactions and securing the network while earning rewards!

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Ambrosus Ecosystem continues to develop. Whether you’re a business, developer, or want to be part of our community, get in touch today, and let’s get to work.