About Us is About You.

More than just one dedicated team, we are an ecosystem of developers, companies, and community members, leveraging IoT and blockchain to untangle supply chain complexity. We are constantly expanding our team and our community, while shaping the features, functions and application of Ambrosus. Together we have created a roadmap for Ambrosus that is not just relevant now, but will remain so in the future.

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What is Ambrosus Ecosystem?

The Ambrosus network is a blockchain-based ecosystem optimized for IoT data transactions and supply chain management. Applied to virtually any complex supply chain, the Ambrosus platform can be easily integrated into existing IoT devices and IT systems in order to digitize supply chain processes and increase their transparency.

What is Ambrosus Core?

Ambrosus Core is the foundation that is responsible for network maintenance, upgrades, new Decentralized Finance features, core governance and funding ecosystem development. The foundation ensures all tools are provided to best embed the ecosystem into the world of blockchain storage, crypto and DeFi.

Our Mission

— 01

Drive use cases for IoT data recorded on blockchain and utilized for business success.

— 02

Help make the use of secure decentralized networks commonplace.

— 03

Bring visibility to all aspects of global supply chain operations.

— 04

Increase consumer and retailer confidence in quality products.

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Harness development support to build a winning solution on AMB-NET, with fast transactions, low costs and Ethereum compatibility.

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