AMB — the coin that underpins the Ambrosus network

The Ambrosus Ecosytem is built around $AMB, the world's first data-bonded utility token. It’s the digital currency that enables users to upload, store and manage data, earn staking rewards, participate in governance, and use applications on the network.


AMB is available on several exchanges. Choose the one available in your region:

Store AMB

Send, receive, store and stake AMB on the Ambrosus blockchain using a supported mobile, web, or hardware wallet.

Gain direct access to AMB-NET and 28 other major Layer 1 blockchains with Trustee Wallet. Manage and stake AMB with this secure and easy-to-use mobile wallet.

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Add the Ambrosus network to the MetaMask web or mobile application and gain access to all products, services, and DeFi products on AMB-NET.

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Store AMB offline on a Ledger hardware wallet for the highest level of security.

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Stake AMB

Stake your AMB and secure the Ambrosus network. Join a staking pool on Ambrosus Arcadia, or set up a node for even higher rewards.

AMB Core

AMB-NET is the first blockchain built for IoT—over 600 nodes make up our decentralized ecosystem of public and private blockchains, with built-in EVM functionality for deploying Ethereum compatible Dapps.

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Become part of Ambrosus Ecosystem

Join our active community to participate in our rapidly expanding ecosystem!

Let’s build together

Ambrosus Ecosystem continues to develop. Whether you’re a business, developer, or want to be part of our community, get in touch today, and let’s get to work.