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Our latest case studies


Swiss Wine

The German-Swiss wine industry association (BDW) has partnered with Ambrosus Ecosystem increase awareness and sales of Swiss wine nationally and abroad. The goal is to digitize the entire wine value chain using a blockchain-based digitization platform built on Ambrosus.

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A major Ukrainian food brand, Veres, had not yet built up trust with end consumers in Singapore, leading to questions about quality assurance. Through data uploaded to Ambrosus, we help to unlock value for the company itself, as well as retailers and customers through food whose quality can be verified with ease.

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A heavy concentration of vanilla production in Madagascar has strained the supply chain, encouraged theft, and increased the rate of poor-quality substitutions. By partnering with PREMIUM Goods, Ambrosus created an app that would help protect purchasers from buying low-quality vanilla, through the tracing of ingredients, production, and the journey of batches throughout the supply chain. By implementing a pragmatic, flexible, and easy-to-use solution, the purity of Madagascar vanilla verified by Ambrosus is assured.

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Benefits of Ambrosus


IoT asset traceability

Up-to-the-minute data is leveraged by the Ambrosus blockchain for greater visibility. Sensors through IoT assets relay data that can be accessed by manufacturers, retailers, and consumers with their mobile devices.


Decentralized secure storage

More secure than centralized networks, data is verified and stored throughout the nodes in the Ambrosus network, with easy authentication and sharing capabilities.


Low costs for storing data

Vast amounts of IoT data can be stored with ease due to our nodes, which sort and group assets and events into bundles to be uploaded to AMB-NET.


Customizable public and private blockchains

Ambrosus is customizable based on your business requirements! Data can be made visible to the general public, or only visible to authenticated members within your organization, using zero-knowledge proof for participant and data verification.


Low environmental impact

Business efficiency shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet, that is why we use Proof of Stake for validating transactions, which requires far less computational power than traditional methods.

Use Cases

Ensuring food and drink quality

Problem: Customers are increasingly conscious about both the quality and providence of their food and drink.

Solution: A complete digitization of the value chain means that goods can be tracked from farm to plate, with IoT sensors providing in-depth information about each product and its condition. Food marketed as organic can be undisputedly verified as such.

Case: Mediterranean Olive Oil - Olive Oil is known for its many health properties, but how can we be truly assured of its quality? While the processing of oil doesn’t involve many chemical substances, health hazards can occur at the refining stage; solvent may not be removed properly, or pesticides used. Furthermore, in the pursuit of greater profits, there have been instances of adulteration being uncovered. Ambrosus provides transparent and secure data that everyone from producers to retailers and consumers can scrutinize, detailing both production and delivery along with the elements that can be found within each bottle.

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Countering supply chain fraud

Problem: Supply chain fraud is extremely prevalent and hard to track, resulting in a thriving black market and a loss of trust in genuine products. The counterfeit food market alone is estimated at $49 billion a year.

Solution: Proof of compliance is assured through automated reporting on our transparent decentralized network. Up-to-date shipment reports and other trade documents bringing reliable manufacturer and logistical information for easy inspection.

Case: Swiss Cheese - There are over 450 cheese varieties in Switzerland, with 200,000 tonnes produced, of which 70,000 are exported annually. Scandals have arisen where the strict requirements for production have not been met, but have nonetheless been passed off as the real thing.  Through detailed product information and IoT traceability from origin to delivery, Ambrosus is bringing trust back to the industry through immutable data that verifies Swiss cheese’s high quality.

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Supply chain communication

Problem: One of the key factors in the ongoing US supply chain crisis is the lack of transparency, leading to bottlenecks, and wasted time & money.

Solution: Consolidated and trusted information on a decentralized network allows for real-time information sharing, meaning goods can be delivered at ports and facilities without congestion.

Case: Pharmaceutical goods - The timely delivery of medicine can be a matter of life and death. Furthermore, as we have seen throughout the pandemic, the need to quickly and efficiently move large shipments of medicine can be crucial to the health of entire populations.  Along with ensuring product quality and that pharmaceuticals are kept in optimal conditions through real-time IoT data sensors, Ambrosus allows for the tracking of all people, products, and operations involved in the supply chain meaning that shipment bottlenecks are less likely to occurand if they are, the status of goods involved can be linked with insurance contracts that compensate stakeholders in the event of the timely delivery of pharmaceutical goods not being met.

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