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Get the support you need to create an Ethereum–compatible decentralized application, and launch directly on the mainnet with the help of our impressive in-house team.

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Help secure the Ambrosus blockchain network and earn $AMB rewards by becoming a node.

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Passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Committed community members help grow the ecosystem and receive rewards for a range of activities.

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Ambrosus at ETHMiami


Meet CTO Igor Stadnyk in Miami. Join the first-ever ETHMiami community event for developers, researchers and BUILDers on Solidity.

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Solana Miami

05 - 10.04.22

Find us at Solana Miami, an exciting builder event in the United States. We are looking to meet new devs and explore new DeFi opportunities within the Ambrosus ecosystem!

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What role do AMB tokens play?

AMB is a native coin that sits at the heart of the Ambrosus network, underpinning all transactions on the network. The world’s first data bonded coin, AMB is used to bind continuously updated and verified data from the supply chain to its corresponding product as it travels between counterparties. It is also used to carry out transfers of value within the ecosystem.

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