The destination for DeFi

Ambrosus is the blockchain equipped for DeFi

Our DeFi outlook

Ambrosus excels as a fully operational Layer 1 blockchain protocol, offering EVM-compatibility, unique built-in storage capacity and lightning-fast transaction speeds.

We are moving forward with the launch of our bridges to ETH and BNB Chain, DEX, DAO, and more, embedding Ambrosus as a key player in DeFi.

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Stake in Ambrosus Arcadia

Ambrosus Arcadia enables staking with a low-entry barrier for users looking to secure the network and earn AMB rewards — without having to set up a masternode.

Stake your AMB and receive up to 35% APY in a few clicks.

Staking starts from 1000 AMB

Secure the network and earn rewards.

Rewards are distributed every 6 hours

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The bridge to Ethereum and Binance Chain will enable access to their massive ecosystems of dApps.

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DEX listings

New USDT and BUSD stablecoin pairs will be launched on the major decentralized exchanges SushiSwap and PancakeSwap once our ETH and BNB bridges are live on the mainnet.

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We are launching the first AMM-based Ambrosus-native DEX to boost the ecosystem's DeFi growth.

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Ambrosus is growing

DEX, DAO governance, more staking options. We are pushing full-scale ahead with new DeFi developments. View all planned updates and developments in our roadmap.

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Ambrosus Ecosystem continues to develop. Whether you’re a business, developer, or want to be part of our community, get in touch today, and let’s get to work.