Ambrosus Developer Resources

Take Your Idea and Build It

Build your winning solution, leveraging the benefits of AMB-NET while remaining Ethereum–compatible.

Why build with Ambrosus?


Fast dApp deployment

Our SDKs give you the tools to quickly build and deploy your dApp within Ambrosus Ecosystem using the programming languages you already know.


Launch directly on mainnet

Got a solution that’s ready to deploy? Launch directly on AMB-NET, a live and robust network designed for businesses and entrepreneurs.


Solidity compatible code

Launch Ethereum–compatible dApps on AMB-NET, which offers faster transactions and much lower costs.


Public and private blockchains

Determine and manage your public and private blockchain data with our Hermes masternode, the gateway to the blockchain.

Build on a scalable next-generation blockchain

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New developers welcome

Got a great idea that you’re looking to develop?

We have the skills and support ready to guide you and your team. Contact us and get all the information needed to build and run a project on our mainnet with ease.

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What you can build?


Solidity dApps

Create decentralized applications that are compatible with Ethereum.


Custom blockchain solutions

Service any niche with custom solutions built on a fast and scalable blockchain.



Mint NFT assets and track the transfer of ownership on our secure blockchain.


Blockchains for storing IoT data

Capture and store real-time tamper-proof data on public and private blockchains at miniscule costs.


Secure data storage solutions

Keep your data secure at all time with Ambrosus’s decentralized nodes.

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Join the Ambrosus community

Share ideas, stay on top of the latest info, and build with an enthusiastic group of innovators.

Let’s build together

Ambrosus Ecosystem continues to develop. Whether you’re a business, developer, or want to be part of our community, get in touch today, and let’s get to work.